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Paulina Hollers

Brent Green

Paulina Hollers is an animated Appalachian folktale created with stop-motion rabbit bones, hand carved wooden angels with antique hinge wings and a hand-drawn hell just beneath the floor. The film follows a mother’s struggles after her son is killed by a passing car; unable to live with her own sadness, she commits suicide, joining her son in hell, and looking for a way to escape. Paulina Hollers draws on Green’s rural background and the history of American folk art and music, and he takes an empathic, unflinching view of grief and the relationship of myth to experience.

Project Updates

  • 2010: Paulina Hollers is featured in The Dissolve: SITE Santa Fe Eighth International Biennial Exhibition

  • 2010: Paulina Hollers screens at Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of Creative Capital film festival

  • 2006: Paulina Hollers is screened at the Wexner Center in Columbus OH

  • 2006: Paulina Hollers premieres at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

  • 2007: Paulina Hollers is screened at Sundance Film Festival

  • 2007: Paulina Hollers is screened at Threshold Artspace in Perthshire, Scotland

  • 2007: Paulina Hollers is screened at Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis

  • 2007: Paulina Hollers is screened as part of the group show entitled We Are Wizard at LAXART in Los Angeles

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    Jun 20 – Jan 02, 2011
    Brent Green's Creative Capital project "Paulina Hollers" in SITE Santa Fe Biennial, "The Dissolve"

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    September 25, 2010
    Creative Capital at IdeaFestival in Louisville, KY

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