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Ivan Velez

THE BALLAD OF WHAM KABAMis a series of five interconnected comic books that tell the story of America’s multicultural history—from the subjugation of the indigenous to slavery, from the Civil Rights movement to today’s pop culture—using the tropes and style of the classic superhero genre. In our official comic book past, all the heroes were white Americans. Even as times changed and more diversity was included, the characters that were created were often stereotyped or weaker than the main characters. Each book will explore history not as it was recorded in “official” American pop culture, but through the experiences of America’s diverse and often oppressed families. WHAM KABAMcreates a new multicultural mythology that aims to contradict and subvert the history of American comic books.

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    Ivan Velez

    Born in the Civil Rights-era South Bronx, Ivan Velez became addicted to comic books at an early age, even though his face was never reflected in his …


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    Jun 07 – Oct 22, 2017
    Ivan Velez Presents "Bronx Haiku" at the Bronx Museum

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    April 15, 2015
    Project Premiere: Emily Johnson's SHORE in Lenapehoking (New York City)

    April 7, 2015
    Project Premiere: Kerry Tribe Solo Exhibition "The Loste Note" at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

    March 19, 2015
    Project Premiere: Carlos Motta Launches Web-Based Project "Gender Talents"

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