Artist Projects

Trainers, Part 2 (Vamps)

Danielle Dean

In 2003, Nike released a sneaker called "True Red,” which was marketed as a vampire sneaker. Trainers, Part 2 (Vamps) takes this shoe as a protagonists of a speculative vampire film set in the historic affordable housing community, Cuney Homes, in Houston Texas, which was first developed in 1938. Dean’s sister and her friends (who live in Cuney Homes) feature in the film in front of a castle set. A bright red, clip art style graphic of this sculpture is based on the colors of this shoe and design elements of the Elmina Castle in Ghana. Elmina castle was brought in a pre-fitted form, on a ship from Portugal in 1400 and set up on the coast of Ghana to house goods for trading and later slaves. The castle also takes an aesthetic cue from point of sale displays for products – in this case instead of promoting a product the pre-fabricated display will become the set for a speculative vampire film. This work will further Dean’s investigation into how advertising shapes subjects, and investigates our relationship to circulating objects.