Artist Projects


Mike Crane

UHF42 is a six episode tele-drama set in the offices of Wattan TV, the longest running 24-hour news station in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. Each episode portrays one day of a continuous work week, blending scripted performances with documentary scenes of office life. The series follows the station's managers, technicians and journalists as they act out a report on the rising levels of consumer debt. The city has experienced a surge in private bank loans over the past decade, forming a cosmopolitan island of prosperity. Parallel to these developments, Wattan created a dramatized series to report on the advent of the criminal justice system in Ramallah, providing one of the first scripted news programs of its kind in the Middle East. For the production of UHF42, Mike Crane worked with the writer and crew members of that series to script a new fictional drama about the credit system that has shaped the city over the past decade. UHF42 adapts the formal techniques of news production to investigate a period of rapid development, employing the station’s workers to probe the structures of public and private debt under military occupation.

Project Updates

  • Filming complete, currently in post-production