Artist Projects

Richard Nixon

James Fotopoulos

Richard Nixon is a film series about the 37th President of the United States of America. The mini-series structure and naturalistic visual approach uses the years when Nixon is out of political office (1960-1968 & 1974-1994) as a foundation to weave through time and focus on key episodes of his life: the early years of childhood, law school and military service up to his 1946 campaign for Congress; his years as a congressman: Herter Committee for European aide, Education and Labor Committee, House on Un-American Activities Committee and the Alger Hiss spy case; his 1950 campaign for Senate, the 1952 Republican presidential convention, the fund scandal, 1952 campaign for the Eisenhower presidency, his vice presidency in the Eisenhower administration, his failed campaigns in 1960 for the presidency and 1962 for governor of California; his own presidency focusing on: the removal of the convertibility of U.S. dollar to gold, détente with the Soviet Union: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks/Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the opening of relations with China, the Vietnam war and resignation from office.

Throughout the film Nixon’s life functions as a lens with which we explore America in the 20th century and the physical, mental and spiritual impact it has on those involved in the events shaping the times.