Artist Projects

Negative Space

A.K. Burns

Negative Space is a cycle of video installations, publications and sculptural works. The opening episode, A Smeary Spot (2015) includes a 53 minute 4-channel video, drawing on theater and documentary methods to exploit and rethink the science fiction genre. This work is about orientation, a re-orientation within a speculative present. Shot in two locations: on public lands in the deserts of southern Utah and inside a black box theater, where performers deliver recitations of appropriated texts that compose a loose manifesto on being. Negative Space is a surreal narrative of bodies in transition (both movement and definition) and their relationship to nature, technology, territories and resources. In relation to these bodies known as "acting agents"; the land, the water, the refuse pile and the theater are not simply grounds, resources, waste or stages upon which their actions occur, they are also sprawling protagonists. Forthcoming episodes focus on subjects such as the body, landscape, water and the void.