Artist Projects

Clytigation: State of Exception

Michelle Ellsworth

In a 4’x4’x7’ faux sod-covered box, Ellsworth demonstrates her “over-the-counter counter-terrorism” protocols for avoiding surveillance, interpersonal drama and death. Using an ancient text and modern technology, Clytigation investigates the impact of wars on bodies and legal protocols while examining the gap between emotional intention and physical execution. A mobile device-friendly website and a choreography-generating exercise bike both accompany the performance, and help technologize and outsource this embodied experiment.

Project Updates

  • ATLAS Black Box Theater at University of Colorado Boulder | October 9 & 10 | 7:30pm

    Granoff Center at Brown University | October 29 & 30 | 7pm

    Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, NY | November 11-14 | 8pm

  • 2015: Clytigation premieres at On the Boards in four installments. Clytigation: #3 premieres March 12-14, 2015 in the OtB Studio Theater, Seattle, WA

  • 2014: Ellsworth is an artist-in-residence at On The Boards in Seattle for an National Dance Project Production Residency for Clytigation

  • 2013: Ellsworth is awarded a New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project (NDP) grant to support the development of her Creative Capital project