Artist Projects

The Set Up: Island Ghost Sleep Princess Time Story Show

Wally Cardona

The Set Up: Island Ghost Sleep Princess Time Story Show is a 7-part dance series made over the course of six years by two American choreographers – Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey - and an international assembly of 7 master dance-artists: I Nyoman Catra (Balinese Topeng), Proueng Chhieng (Cambodian), Junko Fisher (Okinawan), Saya Lei (Mandalay-style, classical Burmese), Jean-Christophe Paré (French baroque), Heni Winahyuningsih (Javanese refined) and Kapila Venu (Indian Kutiyattam), and composers Jonathan Bepler, Reiko Fueting and Megan Schubert. Via a process of practice and “embodiment” within diverse traditions of dance-operations, The Set Up uncovers and confronts belief systems that are knowingly, and unknowingly, transferred from body to body, culture to culture, generation to generation. 

Project Updates

  • 2016: The Set Up: Kapila Venu is performed at the River to River Festival in NYC in June 17-25, 2017

  • 2015: The Set Up: Saya Lei is performed at the River to River Festival in NYC. Saya Lei Lei (“Young Teacher”), a 70-year-old dance master who has devoted his life to preserving the Mandalay-style of Burmese classical arts. Dancers: Amanda Kmett’Pendry and Sarah Lifson with Matthew Albert, Nico M. Brown, Marc Crousillat, Ainesh Madan; Music: Jonathan Bepler with Megan Schubert & Eric Hubell

  • 2014: The Set Up: I Nyoman Catra is performed at the River to River Festival in NYC. Nyoman Catra is one of Bali’s most renowned traditional dancers, specializing in Topeng. Dancer: Rebecca Warner & guests; Music: Jonathan Bepler with Megan Schubert & Randy Gibson

  • 2014: The Set Up: Heni Winahyuningsih is performed at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. Heni Winahyuningsih, born Madiun, Indonesia, is a classical Javanese dancer and teacher at the Sultan Palace (Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat) and a lecturer at Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. Dancer: Silas Reiner; music: Reiko Fueting

  • 2013: The Set Up: Jean-Christophe Paré is performed at the River to River Festival in NYC. Mr. Paré, a former principal dancer with Paris Opera Ballet, studied Baroque dance with Francine Lancelot, achieving international acclaim for his interpretation of Morphé in the 1987 production of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s opera, Atys. Dancers: Jason Collins, Ingrid Kapteyn, Rennie McDougall; music: Jonathan Bepler & The Guidonian Hand

  • 2013: The Set Up: Proeung Chhieng is performed at LMCC’s Project Space in NYC. Born in 1949, Mr. Chhieng trained from age 7 in the role of Hanuman (white monkey), was a principal dancer with the Royal Cambodian Ballet and has played a major role in the post-war reclamation of Cambodian dance. Dancer: Rebecca Warner; music: Megan Schubert

  • 2012: The Set Up: Junko Fisher is performed at the River to River Festival in NYC. Ms. Fisher is a traditional Okinawan dancer and folk singer of the Miyagi Ryu Nosho-kai Ryukyu School. Dancer: Dylan Crossman; music: Pete Drungle