Artist Projects

Biopolitics of the Digital Camera

Roya Rastegar

This installation project explores the biopolitical possibilities of digital videos, with a focus on two genres of videos that (in different ways) create a world of watchers: witness videos of unjust murders, often at the hands of police; and videos by social influencers, often structured around fashion or beauty. The part 1 of the project will focus on videos by social influencers. These videos enable a new way of inhabiting ones life, propagating a new subjectivity and way of being in the world that is self-determined. Those who want to watch populate this world; this watching quickly evolves into becoming a fan, being in love. This is more than taste making. This is the dialogic making of a system of values, morals, and ethics between the creator and the fan, the watcher and the seen, in a endless, relational process of creating their world.