Artist Projects

a howling flower

Nami Yamamoto

a howling flower is an exploration of an intricate duality of being. Studying our own parents’ imprints in our bodies and minds, five performers and a puppet create an emotional landscape with their mysterious presence. They detach from and attach to the world they exist in to find a howling flower bloomed in their own world. Comprised of episodic short pieces in which dancers perform solos, duets and trios on a bare stage, the work is rooted in simple, unpredictable movement phrases that are by turns still and explosive. Nami Yamamoto’s creative process is inspired by puppeteers, who often play with their characters as a way to understand them. Similarly, Yamamoto developed a howling flower through structured improvisation and conversation with the dancers and puppeteer.

Project Updates

  • 2008: a howling flower has its European premiere at the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Ukraine

  • 2008: a howling flower premieres in New York on at Dance Theater Workshop