Artist Projects

Center for Urban Intervention Research (CUIR)

Ali Momeni

Ali Momeni’s Center for Urban Intervention Research (CUIR) is an online community dedicated to exploring performative and political urban interventions that leverage mobile technologies. CUIR provides a discussion platform and a knowledge database of mobile, networked and interactive video projection instruments that enable theater, storytelling, telepresence, citizen journalism and political activism within the urban landscape. Through collaboration with other artists and collectives, CUIR iteratively develops critical hardware and software tools for urban intervention, and distributes instruments and documentation to future practitioners. 

CUIR‘s first publication, “A Manual for Urban Projection“ (MUPis a resource guide for urban projection concepts, strategies, and technologies. It combines observations by Urban Projection thinkers and practitioners with lessons gleaned from the authors’ collective experiences with Urban Projection, public curation, and other art adventures. MUP provides conceptual and practical approaches for experimentation with and deployment of projection technologies toward public communal experiences.