Artist Projects

Strong Island

Yance Ford

Strong Island examines the violent death of the filmmaker’s brother 25 years ago, and the judicial system that allowed his killer to go free. The film calls us to bear witness to the reality rather than the abstraction of injustice, going beyond interviews into the homes of those left behind, into profound crises of civic faith. Strong Island interrogates murderous fear, racialized perception, and re-imagines the wreckage in catastrophe’s wake, challenging us to change.

Project Updates

  • 2018: Strong Island is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

  • 2017: Strong Island premieres at Sundance Film Festival

  • 2013: Strong Island was one of seven films selected to pitch in the first ever Good Pitch Chicago

  • 2014: Strong Island receives a MacArthur Foundation Documentary Grant

  • 2012: Ford receives MacDowell Colony Residency

  • 2012: Strong Island was featured in IFP’s Independent Film Week in New York

  • 2012: Strong Island pitched as part of the Central Forum at IDFA in Amsterdam