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The Loste Note

Kerry Tribe

The Loste Note investigates aphasia, a neurological condition in which the language centers of the brain are damaged, usually the result of stroke. Aphasics struggle to understand and produce language, even though their personalities and intellects are often unaffected. I attended weekly meetings of aphasia support and reading groups over a period of several years. The centerpiece of the exhibition is The Aphasia Poetry Club, a 30-minute, 60-foot wide, three-channel video narrated by three aphasic collaborators that I met in the groups. As they share their thoughts and stories, their words trigger elaborate arrangements of character animation, still photographs and filmed footage. Much of The Aphasia Poetry Club was shot at 356 Mission, where the installation is shown. The exhibition also includes a sprawling installation of sculptures, prints and plants that echo and reconfigure the film’s production as well as its content. Warped C-stands, apple boxes and light-diffusing equipment (things usually found on a film set) are here rearranged in hallucinatory tableaux. My hope is that the body of work not only articulates the condition of aphasia, but “produces” aspects of the aphasiac experience by playing with the association/dissociation of images, speech, words and meaning.

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    Kerry Tribe

    Kerry Tribe’s film, video and installation works explore issues of memory, subjectivity, perception and doubt. Intensively researched and rigor…


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    April 7, 2015
    Project Premiere: Kerry Tribe Solo Exhibition "The Loste Note" at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

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