Artist Projects

A Night at Miss Mimi’s

Ricki Vincent

A Night at Miss Mimi’s is an hour-long puppet show combining Japanese Bunraku and American burlesque. Vincent created 36-42” original puppets for this work, which is set at the notorious dance hall, Mimi’s House of Burlesque. The characters include the hostess Miss Mimi, baggy-pants comic Little Pauly Penguin, Solange the wolf girl, Bubbles the Bunny and male dancer Ja Lion. These puppets perform some of the actual routines made famous by real burlesque stars of the early 20th century. The show is traditional Bunraku, with the puppeteers remaining in view of the audience as a way of educating viewers about the process and styles in which Vincent works.

Project Updates

  • 2006: A Night at Miss Mimi’s premieres at Esoterica (Underground Arts and Culture Society) at the Trunk Space Theater in Phoenix

  • 2008: A Night at Miss Mimi’s opens at the Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company, a non-profit theater created by Vincent, in Austin, TX