Artist Projects

Ad Inexplorata (Approaching the Unknown)

Mark Elijah Rosenberg

Ad Inexplorata (Approaching the Unknown) is a multimedia fictional story of an astronaut heading to Mars alone on a one-way mission. The piece exists in multiple forms: first as endurance-based performance art, then as live-action theater and finally as a film with an accompanying website. The project includes audience interaction at all stages. Almost entirely set within the grumbling hull of a spaceship traveling 60 million miles from Earth, Ad Inexplorata (Approaching the Unknown) also includes the astronaut’s journals, scientific research, mission explication and Rosenberg’s own discourse of the narrative symbolism. Ad Inexplorata (Approaching the Unknown) is an introspective story about one man and his mission seeking the wonders of the universe.

Project Updates

  • 2013: Rosenberg secures the full budget for production

  • 2013: In January, TideRock Media and Taggart Productions announced that they will be producing the film “Ad Inexplorata,” with production scheduled for fall of 2013

  • 2012: In December, Mark Elijah Rosenberg directed a reading of his script, “Ad Inexplorata,” organized and staged by the Sundance Institute. Approximately 100 invited guest attended the reading

  •   2012: In October, Mark Elijah Rosenberg was invited to participate in the San Francisco Film Society’s Off The Page program, a two-day series of script readings and workshops