Artist Projects


Grisha Coleman

Conceived by composer/performer/choreographer Grisha Coleman, echo::system is a series of imagined environments that can be explored as an installation or observed as a performance. In creating the work, the collaborators (including a biologist, an architect, sound and video designers, and performers) research the dynamic behavior of specific ecosystems, create a physical installation based on real and metaphorical data, and model this information with a computer program that governs events in the physical environment. The performance reveals a myth about the creation of the environment, which the inhabitants of the environment are attempting to rediscover. The myth is based on “natural” biorhythms of the environment as modeled in a computer-based system. In an environment made “live” by custom sensors, performers move within the full sensory landscape, and their interactions become a way to re-examine contemporary urban life.

Project Updates

  • 2016: echo::system will be performed at YBCA in San Francisco, Apr 15-16

  • 2015: echo::system gains a MANCC Residency at Florida State University

  • 2011: Coleman presents echo::system*The Desert at the AxS Festival 2011 in Los Angeles

  • 2011: echo::system is included in the Beijing Triennial

  • 2010: Coleman begins work on echo::system*The Forest

  • 2010: Coleman refines echo::system*The Desert through transdisciplinary thought and research at Arizona State University

  • 2007: echo::system*The Desert premieres at the New Hazlett Theatre in Pittsburgh PA

  • 2007: echo::system is presented at Eyebeam in New York