Artist Projects


Allison Wiese

Toll is a monumental interactive sculpture; a mobile bell tower that attaches itself to institutions from curbside, allowing organizations and their communities to experiment with this most traditional of public voices. Designed for disassembly and transport with its large church bell installed in an open-air tower constructed from contractor’s scaffolding, Toll will park outside hosts and attach itself, via pulleys and cables, to a bell-pull indoors. Institutions negotiate their relationship to the bell, deciding when (Opening reception? Last call at the bar?), and by whom (curator? waitress?), it is rung. Bells traditionally announce fires, gatherings, births, marriages, deaths and revolts—unusual tragedies, mundane celebrations and anniversaries of both. Toll points to basic social structures and asks questions about their form, by enacting both its utopian wish for shared community and a trouble-making refusal of an absolute shared language. Who do we organize with and for what?