Artist Projects

Latent Figure Protocol

Paul Vanouse

Latent Figure Protocol is a media installation that uses DNA samples to create representational visual art works. Like many of Paul Vanouse’s projects, the process begins with a live science experiment, the result of which is videotaped and repeated for the duration of the gallery exhibit. Employing a reactive gel and electrical current, Latent Figure Protocol produces images that relate directly to the DNA samples he employs. In one, a copyright symbol is derived from the DNA of genetically modified crops, illuminating ethical questions around the changing status of organic life and the ownership of living organisms. Vanouse’s computer simulation software that make generating images for this project easier. He’s also expanding his image repertoire to include more metaphorical images, i.e. planes or birds.

Project Updates

  • 2010: Vanouse exhibits new motifs of Latent Figure Protocol at the Schering Foundation in Berlin

  • 2008: An iteration of Latent Figure Protocol is on view at a solo show at CEPA Gallery in Buffalo. This show includes a monograph on Latent Figure Protocol along with essays by Steve Dietz, Oran Katz and Nell Tanhoff

  • 2008: Latent Figure Protocol premieres at Exit Art in New York