Artist Projects

Arctic Listening Post

Jane Marsching

Arctic Listening Post is an interdisciplinary collaborative series of digital images and sculptures that explore current and historic impressions of the Arctic. The works are composed using three-dimensional modeling techniques and draw on scientific data, as well as science fiction, vaudeville and architectural drawings. At once irreverent and scientific, the work explores the relationship of science and myth to the circumpolar landscape, while also detailing the collapse of the area due to environmental changes.

Project Updates

  • 2009: Marsching travels to Arctic science research stations as part of the final phase of Arctic Listening Post

  • 2008: Marsching collaborates with a green architect named Mitchell Joachim on various parts of Arctic Listening Post

  • 2008: Different iterations of Arctic Listening Post are on view at Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston; Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art; and at the Zero01 Festival in San Jose