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Healing Pool

Brian Knep

Healing Pool is a large, interactive floor projection that reacts to viewer movement. When viewers interact with the work by walking, rolling or dancing across it, the organic patterns on the floor pull away from them. After the viewers leave, the patterns grow back, but in a slightly transformed way; through this process, a cumulative record of each interaction is created and revealed. Brian Knep takes inspiration for Healing Pool from public reflecting pools and historic spaces, such as the Duomo in Florence, Italy, where people share a transformative experience that is at once interactive, meditative and formal.

Project Updates

  • 2012: An iteration of Healing Pool is acquired by the 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati

  • 2011: Healing, an iteration of Healing Pool, is presented at SEVEN in Miami by Creative Capital and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

  • 2011: Healing Pool is exhibited in group show at Brown University’s Bell Gallery

  • 2010: Healing Pool is featured at the Mois Multi Festival in Quebec City, Canada

  • 2008: Healing Pool premieres at the Milwaukee Art Museum

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    Brian Knep

    Brian Knep uses science and technology to explore change, healing, struggle and acceptance. Often his works are dynamic and respond to changes in the…


  • Events

    Oct 03 – Oct 04, 2015
    Brian Knep presents his Creative Capital project, Healing Pool, at Illuminus Boston

    Sep 03 – Nov 06, 2011
    Brian Knep exhibits in a group show at Brown University's Bell Gallery

    Sep 17 – Jan 02, 2011
    Brian Knep exhibits an iteration of "Healing Pool" at Brigham Young University Museum of Art in Provo, UT

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  • Project News

    November 3, 2011
    Creative Capital Artists Abound at the Miami Art Fairs!

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