Artist Projects

Wrought Iron Fog

Tere O'Connor

Tere O’Connor’s new dance work for eight dancers, with music by composer James Baker, will center on the nature of authority and on change as a generative force. O’Connor builds each work through exploration with his dancers. For this new piece, the order in which material is performed changes each night, separated into “swatches” of choreography that each dancer chooses to arrange as he or she sees fit. His goal is to evoke an ordered performance experience while allowing every member of the ensemble to dictate and change that order.

Project Updates

  • 2010: Wrought Iron Fog has west coast premiere at REDCAT in Los Angeles

  • 2010: Wrought Iron Fog is showcased at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in NYC

  • 2009: Wrought Iron Fog has its world premiere at Dance Theater Workshop in NYC