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Heidi Latsky Dance

GIMP: 1. a ribbon like, braided fabric 2. fighting spirit; vigor 3. a lame person 4. slang; a halting, lame walk 5. to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically

GIMP is a dance work and advocacy project involving both disabled and non-disabled performers. It aspires to make art that shatters preconceptions and broadens understanding. GIMP seeks to redefine true virtuosity. It is about beauty-not the photo-shopped, airbrushed kind, but a more unexpected one. GIMP‘s unique palette of limbs represents a collision of two worlds coming together that are not supposed to co-exist, examining the uncompromising ways we are often identified or defined by our physicality. Comprised of an evening-length dance concert, workshops on disability issues, and outreach to healthcare workers and educational institutions, GIMP can be performed at traditional and nontraditional venues, often in conjunction with residencies for health professionals, local dance and disability communities and educators.

Project Updates

  • 2012: Heidi Latsky Dance performs new works related to GIMP at the Reelabilities Film Festival in New York

  • 2011: Heidi Latsky Dance performs GIMP at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, PA

  • 2011: Heidi Latsky Dance presents GIMP at the International CREA Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 2010: Heidi Latsky Dance performs GIMP at a benefit for Handicap International in NYC

  • 2010: GIMP is performed as part of Heidi Latsky Dance’s residency at Flynn Theater in Burlington, VT

  • 2010: GIMP is showcased at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in NYC

  • 2009: An aerialist excerpt of GIMP is performed and featured at the CAP Awards ceremony in The Netherlands

  • 2009: An iteration of GIMP is performed and featured at the National Endowment for the Arts National Summit at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the National Forum on Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities

  • 2009: GIMP has its New York City premiere at Abrons Arts Center

  • 2008: GIMP is the subject of a short documentary by Richard Move