Artist Projects

Mega-Delhi Sublime

Chris Green

Mega-Delhi Sublime is a short film and installation documenting the changing landscape of New Delhi from the vantage point of one of the city’s most notorious and contentious slums: the Colony of Wooden Dolls, populated by three generations of India’s tribal performance artists. Thoroughly researched and shot over six months spanning two years, Mega-Delhi Sublime is a portrait of this radically endemic culture and an evocation of the strange, poetic static crackling through the capital of the world’s largest democracy. 

Currently in the design/development phase, Mega-Delhi Sublime is the first installment of the ongoing project Ultra-Local Sublime, a cross-platform investigative approach for capturing geographic sites that are at critical points of change in their history and ecology. Ultra-Local Sublime is being developed as a modular “tool” for curating and interpreting a variety of geographic sites that all share themes of decay, preservation and development (from natural to urban or urban to natural), or represent points of contention. All sites resonate with as many intangible attributes as they do tangible, so this exercise is an attempt to curate the metaphysical as much as the physical details of a space and, in this way, capture some semblance of its endemic character as it transforms. 

Project Updates

  • 2012: Green is awarded a fellowship at MacDowell Colony to write narration and begin composing music for Mega-Delhi Sublime

  • 2011: An excerpt of Mega-Delhi Sublime screens at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of the Lebenskunst Festival in Berlin

  • 2011: An excerpt of Mega-Delhi Sublime screens at the Goethe Institute, New Delhi

  • 2011: Green shoots on location in New Delhi, India

  • 2010: Green develops Mega-Delhi Sublime in residency at Reflections Gallery in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, and exhibits research footage in Canned Life installation