Artist Projects


Natalie Bookchin

agoraXchange was initiated by Natalie Bookchin and [political theorist] Jacqueline Stevens as an online community focused on designing a multi-player game. Throughout 2003, Bookchin and Stevens implemented various incentives intended to solicit contributions, creating a forum for the exchange of ideas, where people were asked to work together and engage in an open dialogue. Participants were encouraged to answer questions that prompted them to make decisions about the game design and, in the process, explore political alternatives to the present global order by accommodating four decrees that challenged present conventions for awarding nationality and wealth. A committee of artists, activists, and political theorists convened to review the contributions, and propose three distinct game prototypes. A jury, comprised of agoraXchange participants, then voted on the proposals and decided on the final game to be developed.

Project Updates

  • 2003: Agora is presented at Tate Online from Tate Modern, London

  • 2001: Agora is exhibited at the University Art Gallery at Central Michigan University