Artist Projects

Voci (Voices)

Pamela Z

Voci (Voices) incorporates live singing, real-time digital processing, vocal samples, and projected video. The work is a presentation of the human voice as anatomy, character, identifier, and communicator. Z weaves stories about the voice together with arias, non-verbal utterances, cries and whispers, and choruses of real and synthetically created voices, using her gesture-triggered Body Synth to trigger the sampled sounds. Through its layered, in-depth treatment of sonic material, Voci (Voices) illuminates some of our culturally defined assumptions about speaking and singing. The work includes video and film by Jeanne Finley and John Muse.

Project Updates

  • 2007: Pamela Z. performs Voci at GALA Theatre-Tivoli in Washington, DC

  • 2006: Pamela Z. performs Voci at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest, Hungary, and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art Theatre

  • 2003: Voci is performed at the ODC Theater in San Francisco

  • 2003: Voci is performed at the Venice Biennale for the 47th International Festival of Contemporary Music: ReMix – Structures and Improvisations

  • 2004: Voci is performed at The Kitchen in New York