Artist Projects

Walking Home

Kianga Ford

Walking Home combines a cross-country walk, a multimedia installation and a published book. Drawing on endurance performance, ethnography and new media, Ford’s project uses the simple gesture of walking to reflect upon the impact of distance on daily life and work, and on the changing concept of home. Ford begins by walking from her home in Los Angeles to her childhood home in Central Florida over the course of three months. Her journey is recorded in its entirety on video with the footage used as the raw material for the multimedia installation/lounge environment, The America Lounge. Using the archive of imagery collected on this cross-country walk, DJs and VJs are able to “spin” America, interweaving musical traditions with images of contemporary America, thereby creating a new social environment. The book chronicles Ford’s project, allowing the work to last beyond the life of the installation.

Project Updates

  • 2010: Ford embarks on a series of cross-country research drives along the proposed walking route