Artist Projects

Lear's Shadow

Fred Curchack

Lear’s Shadow is a play by Fred Curchack with texts from Shakespeare’s King Lear. An old actor, cared for by a young woman, watches a video of himself and his girlfriend, thirty years earlier, performing a theatrical adaptation of King Lear. As he approaches death, his personal memories weave into Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy, propelling him into an astonishing, new reality. Using masks, puppetry, and video, Lear’s Shadow goes beyond the limits of theatrical illusion to question the nature of identity and to contemplate what lies beneath the roles we play.

Project Updates

  • 2000: Lear’s Shadow is performed at the Cinnabar Theater in San Francisco

  • 2001: Video about the Lear’s Shadow project is shown at the Dallas Video Festival

  • 2003: Part two of Lear’s Shadow is performed at Cinnabar Theater in San Francisco