Artist Projects


Helen Thorington

Adrift was an evolving multi-location performance event that combined movement through 3D space, multiple narratives, and richly textured sound streaming between virtual and real geographical locations. A collaborative work by three artists (writer and composer Helen Thorington, composer Jesse Gilbert, and architect Marek Walczak), Adrift involved an interplay among three environments: text, sound, and VRML 3D, where borders were permeated, new relationships developed, and the expressive power of the net-worked medium made visible and audible. The content focused on a harbor, a city, and the human body. As the three artists and their computers passed information back and forth in real time, an interaction among the senses, and among the geographies, scales, and narratives represented in the work was created. The fluid perceptions and the multiple intersecting journeys they suggested lay at the heart of this net-worked performance.

Project Updates

  • 2001: Adrift is exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York