Artist Projects

Building Project

Shannon Kennedy

Traces of chemicals, water spills, mold, asbestos, and layers of paint all give rise to the history of a building, much in the same way that tree rings tell us of the age of a tree. Shannon Kennedy worked on a series of pieces that take as their point of reference the inner structure of the buildings in which the work is exhibited. Using an endoscope to film the spaces inside the floors, walls, air ducts, and pipes, Kennedy asks the question: at what point does the building itself function as a living organism? Kennedy traveled to the exhibition site to film and record ambient sound from the insides of pipes, walls, and air ducts. After editing the footage to a ten-minute piece, she exhibited the work as a large video projection in the building. The piece allowed viewers to be immersed in the environment, underscoring the idea that our relationship to a room alters when one becomes aware of the ignored spaces.

Project Updates

  • 2002: Public symposium of Building Project is held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco

  • 2003: Building Project is exhibited at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville VA