Artist Projects

Light Graph: Winter Solstice

Erika Blumenfeld

Light Graph: Winter Solstice documented the amount of daylight present, minute by minute, on the Winter Solstice in 2000. The piece consisted of hundreds of 4“x5” color Polaroids exposed only to pure light, which leaks across one edge of the film in a perfectly arching gradation. Beginning a few minutes before sunrise, the artist exposed one Polaroid for two seconds every minute, continuously, until just after sunset. The process records the relative amount of light present at the exact moment the exposure was made, depicting the light radiated to the Earth over the course of the day. Pinned to the wall in a grid formation, each Polaroid installation provided a unique documentation of time and light.

Project Updates

  • 2001: Light Graph: Winter Solstice is exhibited at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art in Santa Fe NM