Artist Projects

The Technical Writer

Scott Saunders

The Technical Writer is a dramatic, feature length digital video project that tells the story of a man who, by virtue of an agoraphobia complicated by acute social anxiety disorder, has cut himself from almost all physical contact with the outside world. This film’s main character, Merriman Jessup, exists in a place where a simple greeting from a stranger on the street can terrorrize him. Jessup lives hidden away like an urban monk, without leaving his Hollywood apartment building. Jessup’s carefully preserved reclusion is shattered by the arrival of a pair of dazzling, cosmopolitan new neighbors. When, shortly after they move in, the husband is called overseas for a two-month job, his enigmatic wife, Slim, decides to play Dr. Frankenstein to the damaged agoraphobic creature she finds lurking near her new home. Saunder’s strategy is to present these characters with a small but defining crisis which reveals impulses and behaviors that they would normally keep hidden.

Project Updates

  • 2003: The Technical Writer is screened at the Sundance Film Festival