Artist Projects


Daniel Sousa

Feral is a 13-minute fictional animated film that draws on historical accounts of abandoned children, how they might have survived in the wild and how they were re-assimilated into society when they were found. The film tells the story of a wild boy found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest. The structure of Sousa’s film is associative, abstract and poetic; the animation includes 2-D graphically animated characters and hand-painted frames. Much of Sousa’s work is inspired by his and others’ childhood experiences and memories.

Project Updates

  • 2014: Feral is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short

  • 2013: Feral wins three awards at the Annecy International Animation Festival, France: The Junior Jury Award for a short film, the Fipresci Special Distinction and the Festivals Connexion Award

  • 2013: Feral wins Honorary Diploma at the Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran

  • 2012: Feral wins Innovation in Animation award at GIRAF, Calgary, Canada

  • 2013: Feral wins Best Story at Animated Dreams, Estonia

  • 2013: Feral wins RTP2 Prize at Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal

  • 2013: Feral wins Special Mention at Mauvais Genre, France

  • 2013: Feral wins Best Animation at Big Muddy, Carbondale, IL

  • 2013: Feral wins the Grand Prix at Be There Film Festival, Greece

  • 2013: Feral  wins Grand Prix at Anima, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2013: Feral wins Juror’s Distiction at Black Maria Film Festival, Jersey City, NJ

  • 2013: Feral is selected for the short film competition of the 2013 Sundance Festival

  • 2012: Feral screens at festivals around the world, including the Cutout International Animation Festival, Mexico (Nov. 1, 2, 3), the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, The Netherlands (Nov. 7-11) and the Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation, Canada (Nov. 28-Dec. 2)

  • 2012: The completed Feral is slated for festival showings at Linoleum Animation festival in Moscow and Animated Encounters in Bristol, England

  • 2012: Sousa is in production on the original soundtrack for Feral