Artist Projects


Jon Jolles

Man’s drive to bring order out of chaos prevails in this odd, short, wordless comedy from Jon Jolles. In a strangely desolate town, a mysterious man arrives carrying a suitcase. He enters a restaurant, populated with odd and grizzled faces, and sits; the waitress and he exchange strange and fertile glances. Is there something between them? What’s in the suitcase? How come no one is talking? What follows is an exercise in obsession as a wobbly table in a surreal eatery proves to be our nameless hero’s white whale. “I like the idea that that which drives us also contains that which will kill us; each joy, each happiness, each accomplishment, each triumph holds the seeds to it’s own destruction. I’m not exactly sure why I like this, but I do. It’s sort of…comforting,” says Jolles.