Artist Projects

Remote Viewing and Other Ways of Seeing

Cauleen Smith

In the narratives for Remote Viewing and Other Ways of Seeing, characters extracted from the actual events described below lose their memories, move through space and time, and ultimately recover their sense of self. Some characters are redeemed. Some are irredeemable. But all are recovered and rewarded for their journey. The films focus on burial and an excavation separated by space and time but connected by the shared intention of violent erasure. The happenings explored in the films were not rooted in a desire to resolve absence and loss; rather, they were meant to conceal. The films seek not only to expose that which has disappeared, but also to investigate the gestures and associated traumas of burial itself. In so doing, the images link these sites and incidents with something recuperative, something recognizable as art—Land Art.

Project Updates

  • 2011: Remote Viewing premieres at The Kitchen in New York