Artist Projects


Dread Scott

One of the defining features of America today is the criminal-justice system and the many youths whose lives are affected by it. Lockdown is a photography-based project that tells the story of a society that imprisons over 2 million people the viewpoint of those locked down. Scott works with inmates to photograph them and to learn and tell their stories. The project is presented as a series of large black and white photographs accompanied by wall text and audio from the interviews. Lockdown is also turned into an artist book distributed at prisons, urban community centers, and neighborhood art spaces.

Project Updates

  • 2002: Excerpts from Lockdown are exhibited at the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester NH

  • 2003: Excerpts from Lockdown are exhibited at Clifford Smith Gallery in Boston

  • 2008: Lockdown is exhibited at MoCADA in Brooklyn