Artist Projects


Steven Bognar

Gravel, a short narrative shot on 16mm and Beta-SP video, weaves several relationships in one story. A mother is attracted to an ex-convict and takes her teenage daughter on a road trip to meet him. Ambivalent, the daughter brings along her skateboarder friend. As the two weathered adults define their relationship, the memory of the girl’s dead grandmother hovers over the story. Gravel is concerned with the capturing of photographs and the importance of images in the characters’ lives. Told in an elliptical manner that lets viewers assemble the events of the film, Gravel is set against the haunted, impersonal quality of Midwestern Appalachia’s urban landscape.

Project Updates

  • 2003: Gravel premieres at the Sundance Film Festival

  • 2003: Gravel receives its broadcast premiere on the Sundance Channel