Artist Projects


Yasuko Yokoshi

Shuffle explores the choreographer’s family history in relation to Japanese mythology and Shinto Buddhism. Inhabiting both contemporary and mythical characters, Yokoshi uses the Japanese creation story of Kojiki as a way to understand the significance of the disappearance of several of her own ancestors in sea disasters. Set in New York City, Shuffle moves fluidly between East and West, between the personal and global, humor and pathos, evoking the multiple perspectives of Yokoshi’s transcultural experience. This work integrates film and video by Dean Moss, set and props by Mayumi Hayashi, and sound design by Stephen Vitiello. Shuffle has also received funding from the Japan Foundation.

Project Updates

  • 2002: Shuffle is performed at the Whitney Museum at Philip Morris

  • 2003: Shuffle is performed at the Japan Society in New York

  • 2003: Shuffle is performed at Performance Space 122 in New York