Artist Projects


Cynthia Oliver

AfroSocialiteLifeDiva integrates movement, story, and sound to reveal portraits of women in transformation. Through autobiographical and mythic stories, Oliver’s work follows the emotional and spiritual changes that take place from one generation to the next, from Harlem to the American South, to the Caribbean. AfroSocialiteLifeDiva includes sweeping large-group choreographic sequences and individual anecdotes. The work tells the story of a heroic woman, a composite of generations of women whose body expresses the physical poetry of her heritage, culture, and emotions.

Project Updates

  • 2003: AfroSocialiteLifeDiva is performed in several shows at the Dance Theater Workshop in New York

  • 2005: AfroSocialiteLifeDiva screens at Krannert Art Museum in Urbana, IL

  • 2005: AfroSocialiteLifeDiva premieres in New York at the Dance Theater Workshop for its 40th anniversary