Artist Projects

Invisible Hand

Sujata Bhatt

Invisible Hand is a dramatic illustration of human interaction in the diverse urban landscape of Los Angeles. The five short pieces that comprise Invisible Hand are autonomous – each can be performed separately in theatrical and site-specific settings. Ranging from absurd comedy to naturalistic drama, these pieces include: The Nannies, the story of three Latinas who put themselves up for auction on the website eBay in order to survive; and The Golfers, in which corporate ex-skateboarders face a life-or-death decision brought on by a change in the IRS tax code. These works are drawn together into evening-length format through original music, dance interludes, and large-scale performance tableaux created in collaboration with a composer and choreographer.

Project Updates

  • 2007: Project has been divided into two separate projects: The Invisible Hand and Without a Map