Artist Projects

Translator II: Grower

Sabrina Raaf

Translator II: Grower is a moving robot that moves around the periphery of a small, white room. Responding to changes in carbon dioxide levels in the room as viewers come and go, the robot draws varying heights of “grass”—lines of green ink—on the walls. Every few seconds, the robot reads the carbon dioxide levels via a small digital sensor mounted on its shell, draws a green line after each reading, and moves a quarter inch before taking its next reading. At the end of the installation the bases of all four walls are covered with fine green lines, which together resemble a cross-section drawing of a field of grass. The height of the “grass” directly reflects the flux of public attendance, which impacts the “health” of art institutions. This project makes explicit the interdependent relationship between human and machine, as vital entity to vital entity.

Project Updates

  • 2010: Raaf exhibits Translator II: Grower in the solo show A Light Green Light: Toward Sustainability in Practice at the University of San Diego’s CalIT2 Gallery

  • 2004: Translator II: Grower is part of group exhibition at Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland