Artist Projects


Eduardo Kac

MOVE 36 investigates the shifting boundaries among humans, non-humans, and machines. Inspired by the computer that beat chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, the piece is constructed of a large chess board made of earth (dark squares) and sand (light squares). The only piece on the board is a plant, which has been genetically engineered by the artist for this project. This plant uses basic ASCII computer text to translate the Descartes statement “Cogito Ergo Sum” into genetic code. Exploring both the foundations of rationalist philosophy and new frontiers in artificial intelligence, MOVE 36 includes video projections of a chess game played by invisible opponents.

Project Updates

  • 2003: MOVE 36 is exhibited at the Paris Art Fair (FIAC)

  • 2004: MOVE 36 is exhibited at the Sao Paulo Biennial in Brazil

  • 2005: MOVE 36 is exhibited with book publication announcement about MOVE 36 at Gallerie Biche de Berre in Paris