Artist Projects


Kelly Heaton

Bibiota consists of two separate interactive works using children’s toys. Reflective Loop, a computer-activated wall of “Furby” toys that react to viewers’ proximity, is already completed. The second, Live Pelt, is a piece of women’s fashion apparel made entirely from previously owned “Tickle Me Elmo” dolls, which have been “eviscerated” to create the sculpture. Live Pelt also includes a scrapbook of photos from the previous owners of the dolls. When Live Pelt is touched or worn, it vibrates and giggles, providing a grotesquely humorous experience for the viewer. Additional elements of the Bibiota installation include a series of photographs of young girls wearing commercially available Tickle Me Elmo costumes and a video of Heaton herself wearing the Live Pelt sculpture in public.

Project Updates

  • 2003: Bibiota is part of a group show at the Alyssia Duckler Gallery in Seattle

  • 2003: Bibiota is exhibited at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York

  • 2003: Bibiota is exhibited at the Howard Yezerski Gallery as part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival in Boston