Artist Projects

New Negrotopia

Tana Hargest

New Negrotopia is the latest venture by Hargest’s fictitious corporation Bitter Nigger, Inc. Consisting of a promotional video for investors, a website, and actual trade show booths, New Negrotopia is presented as a virtual island resort and amusement park in which the participant becomes a tourist traveling through his or her own racial history and assumptions. New Negrotopia consists of several interactive environments, including: Atlantic Adventure, a 3-D interactive experience of the Middle Passage; the Cotton Bales on the Mississippi water ride; and The Institute of Thinking, a mock-academic think tank located in paradise.

Project Updates

  • 2003: New Negrotopia is exhibited at Momenta Art in New York

  • 2004: New Negrotopia is exhibited at the Fargfabriken Center for Contemporary Art in Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2004: New Negrotopia is exhibited at MassMOCA