Artist Projects

Ready for Action

Mark Newport

Ready for Action is a series of digital images that document the artist’s performative actions. Pursuing the theme of protection, Newport has constructed a group of hand-knit superhero costumes modeled after sweaters his mother made him as a child. For the culmination of Ready For Action, Newport photographs himself wearing these costumes and engaging in various character poses and performances, then digitally altering the photos to include elements of comic book art, such as thought balloons, narration, and action.

Project Updates

  • 2006: Ready for Action premieres at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle

  • 2006: Excerpts of Ready for Action are exhibited at Portland State University Autzen Art Gallery

  • 2006: Ready for Action is exhibited at Gallery 108 Stokes Croft in Bristol, England

  • 2007: Excerpts of Ready for Action are exhibited at the Nathan Cummings Foundation in New York