Artist Projects

Dee Dee Does Utopia

Deborah Lawrence

Dee Dee Does Utopia is a series of varnished works on paper. Lawrence researched failed utopias throughout United Express, and as with previous projects, inhabiting the work through a fictitious alter ego named Dee Dee Lorenzo. Integrating text, graphics, and allusions to traditions such as American quilting and stitchery, the collage-like works in Dee Dee Does Utopia are inspired by the instigations and political aesthetics of the Dadaists and Surrealists.

Project Updates

  • 2008: Dee Dee Does Utopia, a book of Lawrence’s collage works, is published by Marquand Books

  • 2005: Dee Dee Does Utopia is exhibited at the Provisions Library Resource Center for Activism and the Arts in Washington, D.C.

  • 2006: Dee Dee Does Utopia is exhibited at Catherine Person Gallery in Seattle

  • 2007: Dee Dee Does Utopia has official premiere at Lincoln Center in New York