Artist Projects

Infinite Anomaly: Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Jeffrey Gibson

Infinite Anomaly is a series of oil and pigmented silicone paintings and works on paper. These works retain Gibson’s customary use of “lush and visually intoxicating” environmental landscapes accumulated by brightly colored gestural paint-strokes, glossy transparent pours, and layers of pigmented silicone, while introducing (for the first time in Gibson’s work) human forms, seemly engrossed by their sensual surroundings. The series depicts an Arcadian and utopian ideal where nature exists, at least for a moment, free of human domination while allowing people to celebrate in sensuous and innocent abandon, a circumstance that can’t possibly sustain itself.

Project Updates

  • 2005: Infinite Anomaly premieres as a solo exhibition at the American Indian Community Gallery in New York

  • 2008: Selected works from Infinite Anomaly are exhibited at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum in Santa Fe, NM