Project: 3/Fifths

The tension between black and white men that continues from slavery to the present day is palpable and complex. Documentary news video of racially charged events appear totally different depending upon the viewers’ race. Employing immersive media, performance and music, 3/Fifths explores the residual effects of the discriminatory "Three Fifths Compromise" of 1787 to track racial tensions today. For the duration of the 3/Fifths experience, audience members will be able to "switch" races and will be treated as such throughout the performance. By producing tableaux and scenes that racially polarize, different races will experience the same exact event in diametrically opposed ways.

Awardee: James Scruggs

Performing Arts, 2016

James Scruggs received a MAP Grant to create 3/5, a large scale experimental work about race. He was awarded a grant from Franklin Furnace in August of 2002. Disposable Men—his solo performance piece that juxtaposes images from Hollywood monster movies with the harsh reality of the historical treatment of black men in America—was produced by HERE in June 2005. In the same year, he received a NJSCA grant for artistic excellence, and the first ever NY IT Award for Outstanding Solo Performance (for Disposable Men). In 2013 he performed a staged reading of his solo piece A Voluptuary Life, a piece about aging and self worth. His play Deepest Man premiered at 3LD Art and Technology Center in May 2014 with 3D holographic video elements created to plunge the audience into an underwater world. He has a BFA in Film from School of Visual Arts.