Project: News Body

News Body will create a site for mobile, roving broadcast that brings live interviews and reporting as well as production training to any site, event and community in southern California. Operated by KCHUNG collective members, News Body creates a moveable signal, a hyper-local live radio transmission for listeners within a one mile radius of the vehicle. In addition, News Body will make KCHUNG’s site-specific programming accessible to a worldwide audience through online audio streaming, on-location and in real time, as well as by producing in-depth news programs and building a searchable online archive of past programming. News Body will create opportunities for spectacle, performance and live engagement that imagine new uses and definitions for news in our communities.

Awardee: Luke Fischbeck

Emerging Fields, 2016

Luke Fischbeck is a member of KCHUNG.

Awardee: Margie Schnibbe

Emerging Fields, 2016

Margie Schnibbe is a member of KCHUNG.

Awardee: Evan Walsh

Emerging Fields, 2016

Evan Walsh is a member of KCHUNG.

Collab: KCHUNG

KCHUNG is a community radio resource and artists’ co-operative based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Since 2011, KCHUNG has pursued a distributed, affinity-based structure that places a premium on openness to participation. Round-the-clock broadcasts and site-specific projects implemented by more than 200 contributing members draw upon the diversity of Los Angeles’ multiple music, arts, and social justice movements. A platform for unrestricted expression candid exchange, KCHUNG transmits cultural and political discourse, music, sound, art, news, and performance through localized broadcasts in the city of Los Angeles and online to the world, expanding on the tradition of radio as an empowering creative medium. KCHUNG’s collective work has been featured in the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA biennial, and is produced through frequent collaborations with cultural organizations at all scales, including Ooga Booga, Thank You For Coming, Perform Chinatown, MOCA, Human Resources, Pehrspace, LA Zine Fest, Night Gallery, The Smell, Pehrspace and LACMA.