Project: Carry On

_Carry On_ is a short film about the search for an illegal Haitian immigrant, using an abandoned backpack as the primary clue. Based on the filmmakers' research of a hidden aspect of illegal immigration, the film references the process in which individuals arrive on U.S. shores in wet clothes, with dry clothes protected in a plastic bag. After making landfall, they exchange their wet clothes for dry, their old identity for new. In lush and poetic visual language, _Carry On_ chronicles the search for "Eulysses," a pseudonym for the bag's owner, whose identity is constructed through the contents of the bag.

Awardee: Edgar Endress

Moving Image, 2005

Edgar Endress was born in Chile in 1970. He studied at ARCOS in Santiago, Chile, graduating with the B.F.A. equivalent. In 2001 he received his MFA from Syracuse University with a concentration in Art Video. Beginning in 1995, Endress' work was shown in Chilean and international contexts. His awards include Third Prize Experimental Category for Elvis Hates America at the Athens Film and Video Festival, OH; a Jury Award for Anonymous at the 3rd Biennial of Video and Electronic Art, Santiago, Chile; and a First Prize in Documentary Video for Wanglen or the New Fertility at the second Video and Electronic Art Biennial. Among Endress’ exhibitions are MoMA, The Contemporary Arts Museum of Cartagena, The New England Film and Video Festival, Boston Fine Arts Museum, The New York Video Festival, and the Walter Reade Theater, Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Awardee: Lori Lee

Moving Image, 2005

Lori Lee was born in Texas in 1970. She has published several articles addressing slavery, archaeology, and space and place and has received a number of academic scholarships, awards, and grants for her work. Her research interests focus on issues of identity as negotiated in context and expressed through material culture. She received a BA and an MA in anthropology from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the anthropology program at Syracuse University with a specialization in the historical archaeology of the African diaspora.