Project: The Set Up: Island Ghost Sleep Princess Time Story Show

The Set Up: Island Ghost Sleep Princess Time Story Show is a 7-part dance series made over the course of six years by two American choreographers – Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey - and an international assembly of 7 master dance-artists: I Nyoman Catra (Balinese Topeng), Proueng Chhieng (Cambodian), Junko Fisher (Okinawan), Saya Lei (Mandalay-style, classical Burmese), Jean-Christophe Paré (French baroque), Heni Winahyuningsih (Javanese refined) and Kapila Venu (Indian Kutiyattam), and composers Jonathan Bepler, Reiko Fueting and Megan Schubert. Via a process of practice and “embodiment” within diverse traditions of dance-operations, The Set Up uncovers and confronts belief systems that are knowingly, and unknowingly, transferred from body to body, culture to culture, generation to generation. 

Awardee: Wally Cardona

Performing Arts, 2013

Wally Cardona is a choreographer, dancer and educator. His current cycle of work actively creates space for his practice to mutate in collaborative processes that are both intimate and crowded. A select list includes TOOL IS LOOT (2011), resulting from games of aesthetic disorientation, made with choreographer Jennifer Lacey and composer Jonathan Bepler; Interventions 1-7 (2010-11), composed of encounters in which Cardona voluntarily subjected himself to the requests and opinions of “outsiders,” including a sommelier, astrophysicist, architect and social activist; Movements within Stream (2010), an outdoor mini-myth; Really Real (2009), a "people piece" for 100 individuals, including the Brooklyn Youth Chorus; Revival (2009), performed by 30 dancers in the abandoned upper balcony of the old Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia; and A Light Conversation (2008), a physical dialogue on aesthetics vs. ethics, love, commitment and sacrifice, made with Swiss/British choreographer Rahel Vonmoos. Honors include a Bessie award, Guggenheim Fellowship, NYFA Fellowship and Asian Cultural Council Fellowship. In 2012, Cardona was named a Doris Duke Artist as part of the inaugural class of the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards.